Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. ~ Margaret Peters

The special moments of your life and and those in your memories, become even more important when you look back at time suspended in your photos

That’s where I come in!

Hi! my name is Paula, and my fascination with details and keeping memories alive in images brought me here, to help you achieve a collection of pictures during your photo session with me, that will show you and your loved ones’ stories in them.

You can be sure I’ll capture those perfect moments that happen in a split second; The ones that will bring you warm feelings whenever you look at those images again and again in the years to come.

What better way is there to memorialize those you love than with pictures?  (Especially non cellphone selfies, and avoiding having to use a fast timer and hoping everyone is looking straight, smiling and being visible at the same time. Those are awkward pictures, aren’t they?)

Together we can turn my passion and your special moments into lasting beloved memories.

Contact me to book your session today!